Тест для DevOps

Чтобы попасть на курс необходимо пройти краткий вступительный тест. Внимание! Количество мест ограничено. Дедлайн заполнения тестов до 18:00 26.05.2020

Вступительный DevOps Test.
Заполняя форму на сайте devops-courses.zone3000.net вы соглашаетесь на обработку персональных данных.
Обращаем ваше внимание, на прохождение теста даётся одна попытка.

1. Provisioning is:
2. How can I save my changes for future work and reset my file?
3. I need to get penultimate row from the file demo.txt. Which command I have to use?
4. I want to use python ver 3 for executing my script. Which shebang expression I have to use?
5. How can I see git commits history?
6. What protocol ping use?
7. How can I remove file from staging area?
8. What is the standard edition of Linux?
9. How to exit from vim WITHOUT savings recent updates?
10. I need ADVANCED information about ps general commands. How can I get it?
11. Please select HTTP methods. Choose the WRONG option.
12. What is the MAIN difference between Linux and Unix?
13. Please select cloud providers:
14. Where git save meta data about your project?
15. Monitoring of application is:
16. I get few changes in files x.txt and z.txt and DO NOT commit them. I need to revert them. How can I perform this?
17. Disadvantages of Microservices. Choose the WRONG option.
18. Please select Cache-Control settings for no caching:
19. How can I see what files were added, what files were changed and deleted in my project?

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