Тест для DevOps

Чтобы попасть на курс необходимо пройти краткий вступительный тест. Внимание! Количество мест ограничено. Дедлайн заполнения тестов до 18:00 26.05.2020

Вступительный DevOps Test.
Заполняя форму на сайте devops-courses.zone3000.net вы соглашаетесь на обработку персональных данных.
Обращаем ваше внимание, на прохождение теста даётся одна попытка.

1. How can I save my changes for future work and reset my file?
2. Disadvantages of Microservices. Choose the WRONG option.
3. I get few changes in files x.txt and z.txt and DO NOT commit them. I need to revert them. How can I perform this?
4. I want to use python ver 3 for executing my script. Which shebang expression I have to use?
5. How can I remove file from staging area?
6. Please select Cache-Control settings for no caching:
7. I need ADVANCED information about ps general commands. How can I get it?
8. What protocol ping use?
9. Please select cloud providers:
10. Where git save meta data about your project?
11. What is the standard edition of Linux?
12. What is the MAIN difference between Linux and Unix?
13. How to exit from vim WITHOUT savings recent updates?
14. Monitoring of application is:
15. Please select HTTP methods. Choose the WRONG option.
16. I need to get penultimate row from the file demo.txt. Which command I have to use?
17. How can I see git commits history?
18. How can I see what files were added, what files were changed and deleted in my project?
19. Provisioning is:

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